Improve your hair quality

You are dying your hair too often and figured it out that it is too dry so you’ve reached out for the clarifying shampoo because you’ve heard that it helps hair.


 We are aware that blow drying, styling, straightening or coloring destroys hair. Nonetheless we do it to our hair. A large number of women, but also men decide to color hair, whether it is about covering up gray hairs or just for the change and refreshment.

Did you ever wonder what goes through your hair when coloring?

Answer to this question can tell us expert for hair coloring Ni’Kita Wilson:
-When applying color to the hair, it has to go for a few steps so that it would really change the shade or an entirely different color than your natural hair color. It must be able to get into the hair, and the first barrier is cuticle which protects the hair. Than on the scene comes ammonia.

This chemical raises the pH of hair, causing the cuticle relaxes and raises. The problem is that once you disturb the cuticle damage occurs, because nature did not imagined that we raise it.

indexOnce the cuticle is lifted, you must destroy its color to change it to the desired shade. At this point on the scene enters peroxide, which breaks down the natural pigment and thus further damage and dry out your hair. When the cuticle is lifted and degrade pigment, your hair will take on the appearance of a straw.

Passing all of the above steps, it is time for coloring, which must go into hair and develop. The cuticle is lifted as long as you keep the color on your hair. The longer the cuticle is raised,the weaker it gets. Once you rinse your hair, the cuticle is lowered, because the color is applied, but the damage is done, explains the expert on hair coloring (Ni’Kita Wilson).

After only two months, you will see grow on the hair that will not get along with the existing color, your hair will look messy, and what to do but to color it again. The whole process is repeated and hair becomes weaker and weaker.

Then you are forced to seek help for your hair, because your hair looks lifeless, dull and like straw. Such hair can only be helped by clarifying shampoo. A site with many clarifying shampoos is best clarifying shampoo HQ, and it has shampoos for every type.

 Clarifying shampoo makes your hair instantly refreshed. If you have colored hair with brighter shades, use a clarifying shampoo because colored hair becomes porous, so it becomes easier to absorb unwanted influences from the outside, such as hair spray, fog or sweat.

Use shampoo for deep washing of hair at least once a week, to dissolve preparations, natural sediments and neutralizing unwanted tones. The effects are immediately visible, such as radiance, lightness and softness.

Set of Colorful Hygienic SuppliesOnce you destroy your hair by coloring it, it is unlikely that you will again reach to the chemicals. You will think about another type of coloring and you will find out that the natural color better than those in supermarkets and drugstores.

Natural dyes are made from herbal ingredients only and do not harm your health and the environment. Do not destroy, but improve your hair, giving it strength, volume and shine. In addition they eliminate dandruff, reduce electricity and also solve the problem of oily hair and other scalp problems.

They can be purchased for a similar price, but with one important difference; consider whether with color for your hair you are buying life or death.

Organising A BBQ Party

The best thing about making a barbecue party is hanging out and the smell of grilled meat. You hear your neighbor laughing all the time with their friends at a BBQ party, so you should plan your own. I am going to help you plan a barbecue party that your friend will talk about for the years to come.

bbqFirst make your guest list. Choose which friends you will invite and which you will not. Make some RSVP cards and hand them out to your friend, a cheaper solution would be making an event on Facebook. When you have done all that, make sure that no one is allergic to the food you will serve.

Second you will have to get a barbecue if you don’t have your own. Electric barbecue is cleaner and easier to hand, though it can’t provide the flavor or the „badass“ that charcoal barbecue provides. A barbecue is a good investment because it will last you a decade.

After you got your grill you should get your accessories: some paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery, napkins, bowls, pitchers, tablecloths and one „Kiss the cook“ apron. This is all relatively cheap and easily disposable, so you don’t have to worry about it much.

The most important part is the food. Make a plan on how much food and drinks you will have to buy to satisfy every guest at your party. You will need some food before the meat is done because probably most of the people that came are hungry because they want to leave „free space“ for the most awesome barbecue, yours. The starting food should include: chips, tortilas, crackers, dips and salads. The main part of the barbecue is the main meal. Burgers, chicken, fish or hot dogs are the most famous types of meal you could server at your barbecue. Meat goes well with: ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, pickles, peppers, onion, cheese and etc. lights

When your guests are no more meat hungry you should serve the dessert. Pie, cake, cookies, fruit, ice cream all of these go well after meat. Don’t forget drinks like water, beer and wine.

Before your guest come you should decorate the place where you will be having your barbecue party. Set up a table for the guests to sit and set up a buffet to place all your food and drinks. Also get a stereo system to kick up the atmosphere after the barbecue. In case of rain you should prepare the inside of your house so you can quickly place all the food inside. Decorate the place with some lanterns and candles.

Summer is a warm season, also a short one so make the most out of it and throw as many barbecue parties as you can that will make you the emperor of your neighborhood.